Dr. Rakhi Saini

To my mind an Educational Institute is not just a common work- place, consisting of a concrete structure aided by few machines and some people performing their routine job there upon. Within the premises of an Education center, diversified ideologies and futuristic social values of a vibrant society get evolved through process of continuous learning and sharing of experiences.

We, at Government Polytechnic Barabanki envisage to provide quality education to trainees who associate themselves to our Institute, pursuing their carrier in the field of Engineering and Technology.

To achieve this goal, we visualize good infrastructure equipped with modern laboratories, class rooms supported by technical aids and a library enriched by standard books as essential components of a vibrant centre of education.

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Jahangirabad Road, Somaiya Nagar, Barabanki, UP 225123
Call Us: +91-9415928168
Email: [email protected]

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